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In order to design an appropriate identity for an art gallery, I looked at the history of artists and their tools. An artists colour palette is heavily documented in logos, however, I instantly saw a resemblance between the letter 'a' and the shape of a colour palette and challenged myself with the task to modernise this iconic tool and come up with a logo that could live in the art world, perfect in form, not overpowering artists work on display. 

Thought Process

Artwrk Logo Design Thought Process

Logo Development

Artwrk Logomark Development
Artwrk Logo Design Symbol

Wordmark Development

Artwrk Wordmrk Development

Wordmark Grid-systems

Artwrk Wordmark Grid-systems

Finalised Logo Design

Artwrk Logo Design

Black / White Variations

Artwrk Black / White Variations

Business Stationery

Artwrk Business Stationery

Visual Mockups

Artwrk Gallery
Artwrk Logo Shop Sign
Artwrk Logo Stamp

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