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Sunset SUP is a stand-up paddleboard company located in Sandbanks, Poole. A small peninsula on the south coastline of the UK known for its luxury properties and award-winning beach. As described in the name Sunset SUP are dedicated to being on the water during sunset, enjoying a fun, family-friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

The brand identity had to capture the appeal of everyone, including a unisex SUP design; therefore, it felt appropriate to emphasise a beach vibe with a sunset symbol, distilled to its essence to work as a simple icon. The result expresses the energy and spirit of the ocean with a modern look providing a playful appeal and optimising the identity for application on everything from social media to billboards, print, and swag.

Symbol and Wordmark Development

Sunsetsup thought process
Sunsetsup Logo Development
Sunsetsup Logo Development S

Finalised Logo

Sunsetsup Logo

Neutral Colour Variations

Sunsetsup Black / White Variations

Identity Program

Sunsetsup Identity System

SUP Visual Mockup

Sunsetsup Top
SunsetSup Base
Sunsetsup Side

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